1. Love the rings!

  2. i like that geometric-chunkiness of rings.

  3. Sorry.. by now you are probably getting tired of my 'serial commenting'.. I promise I'll stop after this one.
    Just wanted to say that your jewelry is amazing. That last necklace is fabulous as are the rings.

    I am going to post about you on my blog. Hoping it will bring a large crowd of visitors to both of your amazing blogs.

    x Charlotta

  4. Charlotta, you are very funny , whoever gets tried of hearing that someone
    likes what you are creating.i put a lot of energy into my work and i get a lot back from it, i feel every lucky to be able to express myself this way .Thank
    you in advance for including me in your blog, that is very nice of you.lorraine

  5. hi melissa, i live in corona del mar and currently just showing a small collection at cuttin up the town in c.d. m. but in the process of up dating my website with my new creations soon at
    also a esty shop for some of my modern girl line that is coming soon.
    thank you , lorraine